The Environmental Protection Agency indicates that a full 30% of the energy used in buildings is used inefficiently. What does that mean for your building?


Hilton San Francisco

The Hilton San Francisco, like many other hotels has a number of opportunities for increasing the bottom line through reduced utility usage. Click the link to find out how this property is saving over $4,000 per month.


PJKK Federal Building

Built in the 1970's and at 929,857 sq. ft. one would not expect the Prince Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole Federal Building in Honolulu, HI to reach the outstanding EnergyStar efficiency rating of 99%.


Domino's Farms

Domino's Farms is the world's longest linear office structure. A recent expansion of the building increased the overal size of the building by 48% but SAI's CONTROLIQ system helped limit the increase in demand to only 1% over the pre-expansion demand.


San Joaquin Delta College

At 165 acres and home to almost 20,000 students San Joaquin Delta College offers a few energy management challenges. Academic schedules and a multitude of buildings are handled smoothly by SAI's system.