San Joaquin Delta College


  • 786,000 total sq. ft
  • 10+ buildings
  • 165 acre campus
  • 3,500+ points in the system

With 10 primary buildings and a remote central plant spread across 165 acres, San Joaquin Delta College has plenty of challenges. Home to almost 20,000 students, this beautiful campus has a complete control system including HVAC and interior/exterior lighting. Multiple schedules in multiple zones add complexity to any energy saving strategies. In response, SAI developed an interface between the event scheduling software used by San Joaquin Delta College and SAI’s CONTROLIQ software. SAI’s system cycles the HVAC and lighting according to the schedule automating the energy savings process. In addition, SAI’s system uses off-peak power to fill a 750,000 gallon storage tank with chilled water which is then used during the day to provide cooling. This tactic saves San Joaquin Delta College approximately 50% on their related energy costs.