Domino's Farms


  • 938,516 total sq. ft
  • 271 acre campus
  • World's longest linear office structure
  • 3,500 points in the system

At more than a half-mile in length, the Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired Domino’s Farms Office Park is breathtaking in both size and beauty. The building is home to The University of Michigan Sports Medicine program, Domino’s Pizza World Headquarters and many more tenants. The diverse nature of tenants makes for a wonderfully complex culture, and creates unique demands on the building’s many systems.

From snow melting systems at the building entrances to irrigation that supports all 271 acres of grounds, the CONTROLIQ software solution provided by SAI takes care of the building inside and out. SAI’s system also allows the building to adjust to varying loads avoiding peak demand all while regulating the expansive chilled water loop. The end result is an intelligent and integrated building that runs smoothly with minimal staff.

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