• Integration

    Integration is key to creating the "whole building" solution. Below are listed a few of the integration options available with CONTROLIQ:

    • 3rd party devices and instruments
    • 3rd party scheduling systems
    • Hospitality Systems
    • Property Management Systems
    • Open API for customer Integration

    CONTROLIQ is all about integration. Supporting Modbus, BACnet, ASI and Opto-22 protocols, our software makes it easy to tie a number of different systems together into one common front end. Conditions in one system can affect conditions in another making an unintegrated system less efficient and more costly to operate.

    Our Engineers have considerable experience in writing custom drivers to "talk" to various systems and equipment. Whatever you have in your building, odds are we can tie it together.

  • Dynamics

    CONTROLIQ Dynamics provide intelligence to your system allowing it to make "decisions" based on environmental conditions regarding scheduling and alarming such as:

    • Weather Forecasting
    • Watchdog monitoring for down systems
    • Email notification of alarm conditions
    • Real-time calculations for Dusk and Dawn.

    CONTROLIQ Dynamics is real building intelligence that helps your system perform at its utmost efficiency based on current conditions. Dynamics take into account factors such as wind direction and speed for economizer decisions as well as forecasted precipitation for irrigation and ice melt systems. Latitude and Longitude calculations permit your lights to reference true dawn and dusk for accurate activation.

    Beyond decision making, CONTROLIQ Dynamics also automates the maintenance of your software and data. Automatic off-site backup of your data and automatic updates to your software are handled through the Dynamics. With CONTROLIQ not only is your building smart, but your data is both up to date and protected automatically.

  • Enterprise

    Whether across the street, across the state, across the Nation or around the globe, CONTROLIQ delivers a scalable enterprise solution that gives you the freedom to control buildings anywhere from anywhere. Centralized control and reporting allows you to streamline operations and reduces costs. Here are a couple of examples:

    Bedford Schools - By installing CONTROLIQ in a number of buildings in the district, Bedford Schools is able to monitor and adjust conditions and modify schedules at any included building. Since CONTROLIQ runs in web browser, access to the system can be accomplished just about anywhere. The result is a focused staff that can react to a situation in seconds even though the issue may be in an entirely different building.

    King Venture - Imagine the headaches of trying to maintain the HVAC systems, food refrigeration and gas/electric supply of Burger King Restaurants scattered all over Michigan. Add to that a very small maintenance staff and the situation gets more complex. With CONTROLIQ the complex is made simple by allowing centralized monitoring and control of all of the restaurants from a single location. Alarms and other conditions automatically notify the maintenance staff helping them to concentrate their efforts and offer assistance to several stores at once even though they may be in different counties. The centralized control not only assisted in making the support staff more efficient, but the systems installed by SAI also reduced energy consumption resulting in a 20% savings.