Hilton San Francisco


  • 1,234,500 sq. ft of meeting space
  • 46 floors
  • 1908 guest rooms
  • 1,011 points in the system

Originally constructed in 1971 with a second tower added in 1987, the Hilton San Francisco rises above the heart of the city offering a spectacular view. As with all hotels, there are many opportunities for energy savings due to varying use and occupancy. SAI installed a building automation system 15+ years ago and in that time it has saved the Hilton San Francisco literally millions of dollars.

Utilizing load shedding techniques, SAI’s CONTROLIQ software keeps peak demand down, reducing the entire monthly electric bill. Event-driven scheduling in SAI’s software allows ballrooms to be ready for use and automatically sets temperatures back between events. Coupled with an economizer strategy that takes advantage of San Francisco’s weather, the Hilton enjoys multiple ways of reducing energy use while maintaining tight control of the many systems in the building.